On board


One embarks the boat at the stern, down five steps. Street noises fade away and are replaced with nautical smells and colours, and (sometimes) the light movement of the swell. Measuring 23 x 4.5m, with a good living space of 80m², this houseboat is equal in size to the average Amsterdam apartment.

In the days the boat was used as a freighter the skipper would live in the stern with his family. In 2008 it was restored to its former glory. This gives a good insight into living conditions onboard the ship as they were. Nowadays living on the water is ideal: there is space aplenty. The size and height of the living area amazes people. You can sink down into an armchair in the typical Dutch lounge, with its 1950s décor, and enjoy a cappuccino or hot chocolate. As such you really get the impression you're visiting someone at home.
Alongside the kitchen is a museum shop area, selling amongst others, a number of books on houseboats.
At the bow you can clearly see how the steel plates, used to construct the boat, are connected with rivets.


Frequently asked questions:

Onboard you'll get a "silent guide" which will answer your many questions. This is available in twenty languages. The map will guide you through the boat. A slide presentation, houseboat models, photos and pamphlets are also available. In this way you can read and experience how living on water is a unique, fun, ambient and contemporary way of living.

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Your visit will sustain the preservation of this maritime legacy. The museum is a private, independent initiative which operates entirely without subsidy.

Prinsengracht 296 K
1016 HW Amsterdam

dwarsdoorsnede woonboot