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Cultural Discovery Across Amsterdam Introduction to Guided and Self-Guided Tours

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Touring Amsterdam for the first time? You must be wondering what’s the best way to roam around so that you can get the most out of your tour. While many tourists opt for a self guided walking tour Amsterdam also has a plethora of options if you are looking for thoroughly planned and comprehensive guided tours to admire the canal houses and houseboats. A self guided visit in the houseboat museum or a guided private canal tour are the highlights of your Amsterdam stay.

Which option suits you the best, and what places should be on your travel list depends on a number of factors. A guided tour mitigates the need to do thorough research regarding places to go, routes to take, and the historical significance of each place to visit. A guide is there to handle everything from planning an itinerary to selecting suitable routes, and even recommending best means to commute.

An unguided tour on the other hand is lighter on your budget and offers flexibility to roam around at your own pace. It lets you decide how much time to spend on a specific location, when to start your tour and when to end it. You are free to take breaks when needed, go shopping as you like and spend time in a cafe, enjoying local food. It is perfect for those with some previous knowledge of Amsterdam city, or those who have visited before. Besides, if you have a local friend in Amsterdam to accompany you, you might prefer an unguided tour to the city. Let us have a look at the preferred ways to tour across the cultural hub of Netherlands and what can you expect from a guided and unguided tour to Amsterdam.

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Advantage of Guided Tours to Amsterdam

Guided tours to Amsterdam are those where you will be accompanied by a learned local guide who enlightens you about the history, significance, and interesting facts about various renowned tourist sites in Amsterdam.

You can opt for either guided walking tour or go for a trip by a canal cruise. While travelling in a private or shared tourist canal cruise, you will be guided thoroughly by your boat’s captain. Besides, tram network and other public transportation options in Amsterdam are also among affordable options. There are various reasons why these tours are preferred by many. let us have a look at what you can expect from these guided trips.

No Need to Do Research:

One of the biggest advantages of opting for a guided tour over a self guided walking tour is that you do not need to do a lot of research on your own. These planned trips let you visit most of the worth visiting sites. Whether it is the Red Light District, Anne Frank House, Oude Kerk, Van Gogh Museum, historical churches, museum het rembrandthuis, or even a dedicated Amsterdam food tour. Your guide is there to plan places to go and things to do. All you need to do is, tell him what kind of places interest you the most, and he will make a travel plan for you.

An Opportunity to explore Underrated Sites

Guided tours, whether it be a walking tour or the one by a canal cruise, will help you explore the city’s most renowned and not-so-renowned, underrated spots. This helps explore the hidden gems whether you are a first time visitor or have been to Netherlands before. The guides are knowledgeable locals with immense knowledge of everything and anything about Amsterdam. They are ever ready to let the visitors know about the facts that they might not have heard about.

A Chance to Socialize and Have Quality Time Together

A guided tour in Amsterdam is a popular group activity. The city has plenty of tours planned everyday which can be guided in a private or shared group. These tours provide you an opportunity to mingle with both the local Dutch people and tourists from varied nationalities. Hence, these group tours are a means of cultural exploration in themselves. They help you socialize, meet new friends and collect memories for a lifetime. Or you can simply opt for a tour with your private group of buddies or family members to have some quality time together. This can be a canal cruise trip to the city. Here you get to enjoy Dutch food from restaurants along the canal while floating across the iconic canals of Netherland.

Planning your tour during Amsterdam Light Festival will make it even more fulfilling. As your boat cruises past some of the world’s most appreciated light artworks on the canals of Amsterdam, you will have an unforgettable trip of your life. Or it can also be a walking tour with a guide who thoroughly explains the significance, history, and facts about important tourist sites and takes you to usually unexplored sites as well. What’s better than exploring Amsterdam in the company of your loved ones?

One of a Kind Guided Tour to Houseboat Museum

One very interesting guided tour activity in Amsterdam is certainly a visit to the Houseboatmuseum. Located in the heart of the popular Jordaan area – the famous museum in Amsterdam is suitable for for both guided and self guided walking tours. You can visit it with a large group or smaller private group. The audio guide is available in many languages so you can get all the questions answered around living on the water.

The Houseboat Museum is a vessel from 1914, which has been fully converted into a houseboat since 1969 and is open for visitors. Discover how the people used to live on the waters of Amsterdam while soaking in more information about the advantages and disadvantages of this unique lifestyle. Learn how a vessel can house life so comfortable and cozy as in done by this Houseboat Museum. Houseboat Museum guided tours are possible on request, especially for larger groups. You can contact the museum to ask for the options and prices. It is always better to book your tickets beforehand via their online system.

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Advantages of Self Guided Walking Tour of Amsterdam

Self guided walking tours to Amsterdam are another popular option for getting out and about in the streets of Amsterdam city. It too has certain advantages of its on. Especially, if you can get your hands on some useful travel guides and get tips about routes to tread, a free walking tour is very much a feasible options. Detailed guidebooks can also come in handy and are easily available. Above all, for those having relatives or friends in Amsterdam who can accompany them in their tour, a self-guided tour is the best option.

Let us have a look at who should prefer an unguided tour to the streets of Amsterdam and what are the perks of roaming around on your own without hiring a professional guide.

Feasible Option for Knowledgeable Visitors and Locals

These walking trips are especially recommended for those who have visited the Amsterdam city before and know it comparatively well. Also, those who have done a thorough research into the popular attractions to visit, a self guided tour would do.

Besides, for the Dutch who belong to Amsterdam or those coming from other cities of Netherlands who know which tour route to take, there is no need for a guided tour. Those enjoying the company of a local friend or family member with considerable knowledge of the city are also spared from the need of hiring a guide. When it comes to finding your way across the city, gpsmycity app also comes in handy.

As compared to walking around the city with a guide, touring the city on your own or with a Dutch friend who knows the city well can be comparatively lighter on your pocket. you don’t need to pay for the guide’s fee and hence save a few bucks to spend on shopping instead. So, unguided tours are way more affordable as compared to guided ones.

It Allows Flexibility

Whether touring the city on foot or by a canal on your own, you have liberty to choose your own starting point as well as your starting and ending times. It is up to you whether you want to start at city center or head straight to Heineken Experience for an ultimate Amsterdam experience.

Besides, unguided tours on foot or bike trails, or by a canal are also recommended when you are looking to visit a specific notable landmark. Be it a specific area like Red Light District, Begijnhof, a museum, or a royal palace to explore Dutch history.

Choose your spot to visit, get company, grab your bicycles and soar across the city on your preferred trail. Or go around the town on foot at the time that suits you the best. Once you are done exploring your specific place of interest, grab a coffee at one of the nearby cafes. Or simply head to one of the city’s historic pubs and call it a day.

In short, a self guided walking tour to Amsterdam means freedom to move at your own pace, select your own preferred spots for sightseeing, and take a break whenever you feel like. Moreover, self guided tours help you save a lot on guide’s fee. You can instead shop around for your favorite stuff or treat yourself with one of the famous Dutch sweets.

Tour guides Amsterdam

Looking for experienced tour guides in Amsterdam? We can help provide the right tour guide for your Amsterdam experience who will help you do the Dutch things your own way.

Whether you prefer a walking tour or cruising across a canal, we have knowledgeable guides, keen to make your Amsterdam experience a memorable one. If you have a specific language preference, we will take care of that as well so that your trip may not be ruined due to a language barrier.

We have guides with varying portfolios and we strongly hope you’ll find the one that suits your preferences. Contact us, tell us about your specific expectations and we will get you in touch with an appropriate guide.

Tour guides for Amsterdam are preferred by those looking to have a discerning trip marked by knowledgeable experiences. Besides, hiring a local guide of the best ways of getting to know about Dutch history and modern life in depth. Whether it is by visiting a museum, Jewish Quarter, Begijnhof, or through a Red Light District walking tour.

Our experienced tour guide can plan a day according to your personal preferences. More into contemporary art or photography? Looking for an authentic houseboat experience or interested in getting a tour of town hall to see how the city is administered? The tour can bring you to the most interesting places that fit your interests.

Our guides are full of useful tips about the places to visit. They will help you make a comprehensive Amsterdam itinerary to let you get the best out of your Amsterdam tour. Besides, you won’t have to worry about which walking routes to take and what transport mode to prefer.

Amsterdam city tour map

Our Amsterdam city tour map helps you to plan your day right. Start at your preferred location and work through the most recommended sights. Whether you would like to visit one of the famous bridges in Amsterdam or pay a visit to Madame Tussauds Museum, or Nieuwe Kerk, it’s easy to find your way with our well elaborated map. Even if you simply love to explore local cuisine, treating your taste buds with exquisite Dutch cheeses, our Amsterdam city maps will help you spot the best eateries.

The Amsterdam Tour map is a great way for those who like to explore the city in a coordinated and thought through way. Depending on the duration of your stay in each of those attractions, you might want to split the visits in 2 or 3 days. Explore the Amsterdam tour map at your own pace and go to places that interest you. However, for a rough idea for the first time visitors, bewildered by the mere variety of tourist attractions in Amsterdam, here are a few recommendations. These will help you narrow down your sightseeing choices.

  • Don’t forget to visit Centraal Station in Amsterdam. it is in itself one of the most significant tourist attractions for those who love exploring exquisite infrastructure. Besides, all major tourist destinations are nearby from here, mostly at a walking distance.
  • Start at the Houseboat Museum at Prinsengracht 296K and delve deep into how people used to dwell comfortably on boats and call them home.
  • The Tulip Museum is just a few metres walk away from the Houseboatmuseum.
  • Visit the Anne Frank House at Westermarkt 20 for a dive into history and culture of Amsterdam.
  • See the Centraal Station and go to the old Hermitage (now Hart Museum) and towards the famous Rembrandtplein.
  • Check out the Bloemenmarkt and get some tulip bulbs or do some souvenir shopping.
  • For adults without children, it is worth planning a night tour at the Red Light District in Jordaan.
  • Considering visiting an art museum? Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Rembrandt House Museum are among the most popular ones among those who admire contemporary art.
  • Want to experience Amsterdam’s night life? visit cafe Karpershoek, or simply book a private dinner cruise and sail your way across Amsterdam while you enjoy tempting local cuisine with a partner.
  • Magere Brug skinny bridge is the great place to be if you are someone who enjoys exploring historic bridges built over glittering Amsterdam waters.
  • Want to move a bit farther from buzzing urban life, enjoy the scenic beauty of De Pijp or the majestic Vondelpark spanning over 47 hectares.

Once you have narrowed down your choices for sightseeing and made up a rough itinerary, the next question is, what mode of transportation will suit you? For the visits that require hours of travel from your place of stay, we recommend getting tram tickets.

Getting an Amsterdam City Card is one of the best ways to travel across the city. it gives you access to canal cruises, trams, and other public transportation for a limited time period. It is one of the most affordable options specifically for visitors planning to stay for a few days in Amsterdam. Besides, walking tours across the city are also a popular means of moving around when you aren’t planning for longer routes.

We highly recommend booking a private cruise to experience Amsterdam from its serene waters. You can even plan a private dinner on a cruise with a partner. Or enjoy some memorable time with family cruising across the city as the private boat takes you to worth visiting sights along the canals. Let us explore a bit more about why Private boat tours are among the most preferred ways of touring Amsterdam.

Guided Tour on a Private Boat

A private boat tour in Amsterdam is one of the most preferred ways of touring the city. An extensive network of canals, the likes of glittering Keizersgracht, is what makes Amsterdam one of the most popular cities of the world. There are several reasons why a guided private cruise tour is preferred by many. Above all, a private guided tour on a boat allows you to visit innumerable notable attractions in the Amsterdam city. Let us explore what else these cruise tours have to offer:

  • small to medium sized private cruises like the classic saloon boat Undine even take you to the less explored routes, letting you unveil the places you might not have heard of before. These private boats have local, learned captains who act as your guide. They are always ready to spill the beans and share some of the most interesting information about popular sites.
  • You can plan a lunch or dinner on these private boats. Enjoy Amsterdam’s local food from the famous eateries across the canals or plan a special event or celebration on a private boat.
  • Guided private boat tours are among the most luxurious means of travelling the Amsterdam city. these boats are equipped with all the comforts you would need. Depending on weather conditions, these private cruises can be completely or fully covered. Enjoy the warm sunlight glaring on the crystal clear Amsterdam waters while you are sitting on a luxurious sundeck. As the weather gets foggy, these centrally heated private cruises make their way comfortably across the misty canals of Amsterdam. Their fog proof, double pane windows ensure you never miss the view of a notable tourist attraction.

In short, private boat tours in Amsterdam will let you enjoy one of the most memorable trips of your life. These tours are known for their luxurious nature and yet affordable rates. Above all, these boat tours let you delve into the true beauty of the city of canals.

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