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Cultural Discovery on guided and self-guided tours in Amsterdam

what to do in amsterdam in one day

Guided Tour Amsterdam

A guided tour in Amsterdam is a popular group activity. The city with its rich history has plenty of tours which can be guided in a private or shared group. One very interesting tour activity in Amsterdam is certainly a visit in the Houseboatmuseum.
The Houseboatmuseum is a vessel from 1914, which has been fully converted into a houseboat in 1969. Discover how the people used to live on the waters of Amsterdam while soaking in more information about the advantages and disadvantages of this unique lifestyle. Houseboatmuseum Amsterdam Guided Tours are possible on request, especially for larger number of persons. You can contact the museum to ask for the options and prices.

Walking tour Amsterdam self-guided

Many walking tours in Amsterdam are self-guided – so the Houseboatmuseum can be a pleasant stop for individuals that seek an interesting museum stop. Located in the heart of the popular Jordaan area – the famous museum in Amsterdam is suitable for walking tours which are self-guided. There is usually still capacity for small groups to buy tickets last minute at the entrance. So worth walking in and have a look when passing this city jewel of houseboat history!

Reasons for a self-guided walking tour in Amsterdam

There are many reasons why self-guided tours can be the preferred option:
1) No waiting on delayed group members
2) Discover the museum in your own pace
3) Questions will be answered more personalized
4) Walk at your own speed to the next museum
5) Possibility to have a coffee break whenever needed during a self-guided walking tour

Tour guides Amsterdam

Looking for experienced tour guides in Amsterdam? We can help providing the right tour guide for your Amsterdam experience! Any special language needed for it? No problem, we can see if we have the perfect match in our tour guide portfolio for you. Contact us for your personalized inquiry.

The Amsterdam guided tours are the most common for clients that seek comfort and convenience. The experienced tour guide can plan a day according to your personal preferences. More into contemporary art or photography? Looking for an authentic houseboat experience? The tour can bring you to the most interesting places that fits your interests.

Amsterdam city tour map

Our Amsterdam city tour map helps you to plan your day right. Start at your preferred location and work through the most recommended sights. Getting tired during the tour? No problem, if you do a stop at the Houseboatmuseum, you can get a coffee or tea there to refresh as well as a complimentary Dutch caramel cookie with your entrance!

The Amsterdam Tour map is a great way for those who like to explore the city in a coordinated and thought through way. Depending on your duration of your stay in each of those attractions, you might also want to split the visits in 2 or 3 days. Explore the Amsterdam map sightseeing tour in your own pace!

A: Start at the Houseboatmuseum at Prinsengracht 296K

B: Visit the Anne Frank House at Westermarkt 20

C: Check out the Flowermarket and get some tulip bulbs as souvenir

D: For adults without children, it is worth having a look at the Red Light District (night time recommended)

E: Damsquare – the most vibrant area in the heart of the city

Guided Tour on a Private Boat

In case you prefer comfort and efficiency, a private boat tour in Amsterdam can be the best choice. Sit on board of a classic luxury boat and have the captain tell you all the interesting facts about the city. Depending on the cruise duration, you are able to explore the city center as well as the hidden gems of Amsterdam.

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