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Private Tour Boats for a houseboat expedition!


Sneak peek into the houseboats – on our private boat tours Amsterdam!

Houseboat hunting on a private boat tour Amsterdam. Ever wanted to do a private canal cruise Amsterdam on a small boat? All our electric boats are the best way to explore the canals in style. The boat trip is a aprivate cruise and the guests can decide their own route while enjoying their welcome drinks. See a variety of the houseboat and how they look like nowadays? Our private boat tours Amsterdam let you experience it in live. Appreciate the Amsterdam canal view from the tour boat and the inhabited (freight) ships while renting the private boat for a canal tour in Amsterdam.

small private boat amsterdam

Our  private boat tours in Amsterdam will navigate you through the most popular canals of Amsterdam  – guaranteeing you the best views on the different houseboats and have a  tour guide (captain) during the canal boat tour Amsterdam that tells you all the ins and outs of the famous water living and the history of the dutch capital.

Book your private canal tour Amsterdam.

private boat tour amsterdam

Open boat, classic boat and luxury boats to float on the Amsterdam canals!

You can choose from a variety of boats for the private canal cruises. All of the boats will offer some open space, and one of them is fully open which is perfect for the warmer periods and great picture taking.

For the Amsterdam Light Festival in the winter we only operate with the (semi)-closed boats for the private cruise. For larger groups we partner with big cruise companies to accomodate also a bigger groups.

private boat tour amsterdam light festival

The classic boat is perfect for the combination of cruising & dining during the boat ride. Sail in style on this luxury boutique canal cruise Amsterdam Enjoy the comfortable boats and choose the right tour boat for your preferences. Needless to say, the captain is also your guide which is happy to tell you more about the charming houseboats, the set up and the rich history of the capital of the Netherlands.

The Flagship boats Undine & Tzar

Canal Cruises Lovers will appreciate those two boat options. Both boats have an indoor area as well as a outdoor seating – making it the perfect and flexible boat choice for any weather condition!

undine private boat amsterdam children cruise

Undine – enjoy the Amsterdam canals in a luxury classic private boat

Boat Undine is a classic luxury boat, fully electric and a floating monument from 1920. It has been fully rennovated to provide modern comfort combined with the charming nostalgic flair of the past. Amsterdam is the perfect city for a canal cruise, and with this narrow boat you can cruise through all the canals where bigger boats can not pass. A real highlight of your Amsterdam trip!


private canal cruise amsterdam boat amstel river

The boat is the Flagship boat of the canal tour company, as it has been the first boat on the canals of Amsterdam. It was purchased in 2018 in Berlin before it was beautifully renovated. This flagship boat offers style, luxury and authentic cruising experience in one historical tour boat.


private boat tours in amsterdam canal

Tzar – the flexible private boat tour experience in Amsterdam

Canal Cruise boat Tzar is the modern version of Undine. It has been built in 2009 and has undergone a full rennovation in 2024. It offers a spacious and comfortable indoor seating in the saloon cabin. To enjoy the canal cruise in the warmer months, you can sit also in the outdoor area of this iconic Amsterdam boat. Jealous looks are guaranteed!


private tour boat amsterdam open sundeck

The boat is a full hybrid boat, meaning you can easily switch between the indoor and outdoor area at your convienence. The nicest part is that you can also have the captain (your guide) switch to the outdoor area too! Tzar has a second steering set-up in the open area of the boat.


Prices & Booking of your Private Canal Tour

The price for a private luxury canal cruise Amsterdam starts at 250 EUR for the first hour and for each additional 30 min, a surcharge of 90 EUR is applicable. A small surcharge can be applicable for group sizes bigger then 4 persons. For exact pricing and packages as well as booking a canal cruise ticket, check the reservation system of Private Boat Tours Amsterdam or call +31 639 051 068 in case of any further questions.

For museum visitors we can offer a discount of 5% when entering the code “ houseboatmuseum ” when booking your private canal tour online.


Private canal cruise Amsterdam – covering the best of history & houseboat life

During your private boat charter you will be comfortably discovering the hidden gems of Amsterdam. Let you guide through the city of canals and enjoy all the amenities on board. Integrated heating system, enclosed cabin with canal view, sundeck, minibar as well as poshy interior . Make your self feel home on the canals and listen to the captain’s (fun) facts about the city. The private boat tour in Amsterdam gives you all the insights in a short time and is a convenient way of exploring the city without getting tired of walking.

private canal tours amsterdam

Discover the modern houseboats on the Amstel river during your private boat tours in Amsterdam

The private boat tours in Amsterdam give you the advantage of discovering also the luxurious and very spacios double floor houseboats on the Amstel river and the Amsterdam canals! When doing the canal tour in the evening, you will be able to see the locals in their homes and how different each of the interiors can be. Houseboats can be full of surprises – from old and roasty till modern & luxurious – as long as it floats it is part of the approximately 2500 houseboats in Amsterdam .

evening cruise amsterdam

Combine your private boat tours Amsterdam with breakfast/lunch or dinner

On the evening canal cruise in Amsterdam you will also have the option to upgrade your tour to an extended experience (at least 2 hrs) and order a la carte on board for breakfast, lunch or dinner . Enjoy local food in style on board while floating throgh the canals. The real dutch experience on the water!

private cruise with food amsterdam

Private Dinner Cruise Amsterdam

private dinner cruise amsterdam

canal boat tour amsterdam with children

Frequently asked questions
A guided private canal tour with our captain will answer all your questions about Amsterdam.